Hello, nice to meet you!  My name's Alison Upton, but most people know me by Ali!  I grew up in Intervale, New Hampshire but now reside in Bridgton, Maine.  I am in my second year at Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Graphic Design with an immersion in Psychology (hopefully turning it into a minor).
My love for the arts began with drawing and dance, practicing both since I was three years old.  Drawing really kickstarted my artistic career as I honed in on my pencil skills over years. I really enjoyed math and sciences in school but really wanted to evolve my artistic capabilities so I chose Graphic Design.  Besides school, a large part of my life goes to various clubs and activities on campus as well as working at the Wiedman Fitness Center (since I love to workout!); and most recently I joined a sorority: Zeta Tau Alpha!
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