Hi, nice to meet you! Call me, Ali.  
I am in my fourth year in the School of Design at Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Psychology.
Besides being a full time student, I am a supervisor employee at my college gym because I love to work out and it's literally my second home; if you can't find me, that's probably the first place you want to look! Over the years, I've been in many different club and activities, constantly keeping myself busy. I'm also currently a member of a sorority, holding multiple leadership roles.
What keeps me motivated is the aspiration to learn everything I can while living life to the fullest. So I'm really open to new opportunities that come my way!
I'm currently looking for a full time job after I graduate in May 2019! I aspire to be an art director, so I'm hoping to work either under one or as a jr. art director.

Thank you!
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